My first silk shirred dress

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You know my love for shirred dresses and my quasi industrial production over the past two years – I hardly wear anything else in July and August so this is totally justified in my view! Most of my shirred dresses are in lightweight cotton (voile, Swiss dots, baptiste), a few in satin polyester (surprisingly fresh for a non-natural fibre) but I had never dared shirring silk until… now! Tada, here is my first silk shirred dress (and without doubt not the last!):

I had never tried to shirr silk before because I dreaded tearing the fabric while shirring – the bobin needs to be threaded with elastic, as I explained in this tutorial, and I thought this might be too thick to be compatible with silk. However, it turned out that the only thing I needed to change was my needle: I used a Microtex needle and the sewing process what incredibly easy. The shirred part of the dress is very similar to that of all my other shirred dress and I genuinely had no issue whatsoever.

The silk fabric is from Bennytex, my go-to online shop for amazing bargains. They recently had a big arrival of silk and I ordered like a madwoman, as I am a real fabric snob and I will always prefer natural materials (wool, cotton, silk) over man-made – especially when they are so affordable.

This one is described as a silk crepe (although the structure is very regular), it is opaque navy with irregular white dots and it is fine but actually a pleasure to work with.

This new silk dress is a twin to this maxi shirred and tiered one, for which I wrote a very detailed tutorial.

For once I added shoulder straps. I cut two 150x5cm rectangles, finished the sides with very narrow zigzag stitches and sew two lines of shirring; then adjusted the length in situ. I crossed the straps in the back and I am quite pleased with the result.

Not much to add about this beauty, which will get extensive use like all my other shirred babies.


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TUTORIAL: maxi dress, tiered and shirred
TUTORIAL: off-the-shoulder ruffle dress

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