Ruffles Addiction

Although I wanted to sew something else, I just didn’t manage… I am definitely having a love affair with ruffles this year. I spent all summer adding them at the bottom of my dresses (as can be seen here), and all autumn at the top. Compulsive obsessive?

This time I tried to at least change the pattern used, instead of sewing yet another V-collar ruffled dresses (which I discussed here). I therefore got my Magellan blouse pattern out… and then neverthless reverted to my favourite… Oh well… Here it is: after the black and the pink versions, here come the blue one!

But enough is enough, let’s move to Magellan now! I ordered the pattern this spring, with the firm intention to sew (and wear) more separates, instead of focussing obsessively on dresses! After sewing two great Delphine & Morrissette blouses which were nevertheless never worn, I decided to give up. That is, until I realised that a blouse pattern is very easily convertible into a dress! Yes I know it took all this time…

I made the following changes to the Magellan pattern, to make it suit my taste:

  • I doubled the width of the ruffle, to make it…well, ruffly! I definitely prefer large ruflfles to small ones;
  • I made the shape of the blouse more triangular;
  • I lenghtened the blouse to 65cm below the armpit, this results in quite a short dress (on my strandard) but given the shape I think it needs to be short;

And that’s it! Nothing hugely complicated.

The pattern itself is quite straightforward, you just need to be patient while ruffling as there is a lot to be done. The method indicated by Marie is the one I always use but I’m not sure it’s the quickest – sewing two line on a long stich and pulling on them. Any suggestions welcome!

Fabric-wise, more powder-pink I’m afraid. This one is a scuba crepe from The Sweet Mercerie (here), beautiful and which does not fray so no overcasting required, hurrah!

And here is the dress, all angles covered.

In Summary:

  • Pattern: Aime Comme Magellan byAime Comme Marie
  • Fabric: scuba crepe from The Sweet Mercerie
  • How difficult? Very easy but you need to be VERY patient ruffling the ruffle…
  • Love factor? I live it a lot but not as much as the V-collar ruffle dress!


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