Weekly Meal Planner

This post is also available in: Français (French)


Friday dinner:  lettuce+ aubergine, spinach and ricotta cannellonis (p214 of this book)

Saturday lunch: marinated chicken, houmous, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce salad, pita breads

Saturday dinner: out

Sunday lunch: salmon (p170 de ce livre), fine green beans, potatoe puree

Sunday dinner: pancakes

Monday dinner: pepper and tomatoe soup, cantonese rice

Tuesday dinner: butternut squash soup, broccoli lardons parmesan gratin

Wednesday dinner: chorizo and lentils soups

Thursday dinner: bouddha bol p10 with lamb balls, yogurt sauce, red peppers, spinach


Friday night : cordons bleus + haricots verts (long love the Ocado Picard frozen range!!!)

Saturday lunch: smoked salmon, green lentils, mango

Saturday night: petits fours and olives/ smoked salmon and spinach medallions/

Fish cakes in lettuce cups (p107 of this Thermomic book) / sticky toffee pudding (p188 of Thermomix book)

Sunday night : marinated chicken, tomatoe cucumber olives salad, pita bread

Sunday night: winter vegetable gratin (carrots parsnip mushrooms leek parmesan)

Monday night: carrot and coriander soup+ spinach and goat cheese puffs

Tuesday night: chick pea curry, white rice, yogurt and coriander sauce

Wednesday night: bouddha bol p24 with pulled pork, cucumber, carrots, new potatoes

Thursday night: courgettes and vache qui rit soup, aubergine cannellonis with ricotta

WEEK 7 :

Friday dinner: pizzas

Saturday lunch: tagliatelles with smocked salmon, cream and egg

Saturday dinner : petits fours + olives/ Tom Kai soup with king prawns (Yummix 1, p78)  / marinated venison with sweet potatoe puree  / chocolat-tofu mousse

Sunday lunch: cherry tomatoes + cheese puffs+ olives/ cod with spinach and black rice(Yummix 1, p78) / brownies and raspberries

Sunday dinner: vegetable gratin

Monday dinner: tuna tartare , sweet potatoe blinis, lime whipped cream

Tuesday dinner: vegetable dips(pepper, carrots, cucumber) and houmous, carrot-coriander soup, charcuterie

Wednesday dinner: Buddha bowl chicken, green beans and carrots (p30)

Thursday dinner: Buddha bowl king prawns, rice noodles, cucumber, red pepper(p44)


Friday dinner: paella (frozen from Picard)

Saturday Lunch: honey lime chicken with mangoe chutney, mashed potatoes

Saturday dinner: petits fours + olives / crabe with mango puree/ monkfish curry and black rice/ chocolate-tofu mousse

Sunday dinner: Bouddha bowl with smocked salmon and  thai salad (carrots, red pepper, fenel)

Monday dinner: stuffed aubergines, pepper-tomatoe soup

Tuesday dinner: marinated venison and sweet potatoe puree

Wednesday dinner: lentils dahl, rice, yogourt coriander lemon sauce

Thursday dinner: oriental lentils soup with Polish sausage


Friday lunch: Tom Kha Kai soup (Yummix 1, p78)  with rice noodles

Friday dinner: pancakes

Saturday lunch: vegetable gratin

Saturday dinner: sashimi, edamame and gyoza

Sunday dinnerr: tomatoe omelette, green salad

Monday dinner: pulled pork with roasted carrots (Bouddha bols p24)

Tuesday dinner: bouddha bowl with salmon, mangoe and black rice (Bouddha Bols mix p34-p46)

Wednesday dinner: miso soupe with tofu, rice noodles, edamame, mushroom

Thursday dinner: chickpea curry, white rice, yogurt and coriander sauce


Friday dinner: pizzas

Saturday lunch: Marinated beef (brown sugar, coriander powder, smoked paprika, pepper, garlic powder, fennel powder, lemon and orange zest), mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes salade

Saturday dinner: restaurant

Sunday lunch: glazed salmon (Yummix 1 p170), coconut creamed kale(Cookidoo)

Sunday dinner: winter vegetables crumble (Yummix 1 p172), lamb lettuce salad

Monday dinner: Aubergine cannellonis with spinach and ricotta (Yummix 2 p214)

Tuesday dinner:  lentils and chorizo soup with Morteau sausages instead of chorizo (Cookidoo)

Wednesday dinner:  Tom Kha Kai Soup (Yummix 1, p78) and rice noodles

Thursday dinner: black and kidney bean chili (Deliciously Ella p114), rice


Friday: sashimi (salmon, prawns), wakame salad, edamame beans in pods

Saturday lunch : recipe still needed …

Saturday dinner:

Lasagna for kids

For grown-ups :

Sunday dinner : smoked salmon, raw vegetable dips(carrots, pepper, cucumber) with houmous

Monday dinner : brocoli gratin with lardons and parmesan, courgette soup

Tuesday dinner : bouddha bowl (p10 of this book) with lamb meatballs, grilled aubergines, quinoa, mint yogurt sauce

Wednesday dinner: bouddha bowl (p68 of this book) with lentils dhal, rice, coriander and lemon yogurt sauce

Thursday dinner: bouddha bowl (p44 of this book) with king prawns, cucumber, carrots, rice noodles


Vendredi soir: crêpes salées et sucrées

Samedi midi: moules frites

Samedi soir: soupe de sorcière crabe-coco/ cocottes de poisson gratinées aux champignons et riz noir / crèmes au chocolat au tofu soyeux

Dimanche soir: Bouddha bowl avec saumon fumé et salade thaï (j’utilise les légumes suivants : carottes, poivron, céleri)

Lundi soir: tartes aux asperges et fromages (pâte feuilletée sans gluten, 3 fromages : chèvre/ gorgonzola/ parmesan, asperges précuites à la vapeur, cuisson 45mn à 180C) + soupe veloutée de courgettes avec Vache qui Rit

Mardi soir: Calamars aux oignons et tomates à la poêle + nouilles de riz

Mercredi soir: cuisses de poulet marinées au citron et gingembre, purée de carottes 

Jeudi soir: champignons Stroganoff, riz blanc, haricots verts


Friday dinner : kids make pizzas – home-made dough with the recipe from this book, I give them various options (requiring limited prep) for toppings: tomato puree, mozzarella, grated parmesan, chorizo, ham, cherry tomatoes, peppers

Saturday lunch : marinated duck with sweet potato puree + fine green beans

Saturday dinner/ Sunday lunch: we’re out so no cooking, but I’m baking 2 brownies and 1 brioche, using my own recipes.

Sunday dinner : vegan bolognese from the freezer + rice

Monday dinner : Thai chicken meat balls with rice noodles

Tuesday dinner: Sashimi (tuna, salmon, prawns and scallops – I marinate the prawns and scallops in lime or lemon juice) with edamame in pods, served with soy, sweet chili and hoisin duck sauce.

Wednesday dinner:Vegetable waffles (I had a handful of spinach to the recipe) + sauce with Greek yogurt, coriander and a bit of olive oil) + carrot and coriander soup

Thursday dinner: Oriental lentil soup, I will add cubes of polish sausages cooked separately to make it kid-friendly and more filling


fter several request from friends to share my weekly meal plans, I have decided to use my blog as a platform for doing it. Surely sewing is an enormous part of my life, but cooking is too – the later more out of necessity than passion though! I will (try and) post menus every Thursday evening for the following week so if you’re interested watch this space!

If you know me, you for sure have realised that I cannot survive unless most of my life is organised to the extreme – this excludes packing (which I HATE HATE HATE doing in advance) but includes meals planning.

I have been planning our family meals on a weekly basis for many many years – probably before children (!!!) – and this removes so much stress on a daily basis that I seriously have no idea how I would cope without. No more pulling your hair off in the kitchen every other day wondering what on hell you’re going to cook. No more throwing food away (as you only purchase what you need). No more daily trips to the supermarket. And maybe most importantly, no more children asking you constantly what they’re going to eat for the next meal (or it is just my children who are food obsessed?).

If you’ve been toying with the idea of meal planning but don’t know where to start, here is how I do it:

  • Pick a day for meal planning. Mine is Thursday: by the evening, my meal list for the forthcoming week needs to be completed, all my shopping lists finished (if I need to shop from different places) and my online order passed. My meal planning rolls from Friday to Thursday and my online order is delivered on Friday.
  • Choose which meals you want to plan and only plan as much as you can bear. I only plan our family meals for one week ahead (weekday dinners and weekends lunches + dinners during school, all lunches and dinners during holidays). I’ve also realised I cannot plan more than 10 meals at one go, so during holidays where I have to plan 14 meals for a week, I split the process in two. My dream is to do monthly meal plans but I’ve never managed…
  • Keep past and present meal plans always within reach. I have a specific “Menus” note on my phone, where I’ve stored all past and present meal plans. I use it constantly to write down ideas of forthcoming meals. It’s a nice way to know what you’re going to cook in the day (and what time commitment it’s going to involve). It also enables you to go back to previous meals you’ve cooked and liked and use them again.
  • Think about what you’d like to eat over the week and which recipe sources you prefer. I try touse “wasted time” (tube commute, waiting for the kids in the car, etc) to progressively jot down ideas of meals in my notes – this way I don’t have a blank page on Thursday morning. Currently a lot of my meal ideas come for the Yummix blog and the associated two books; from the Cookidoo App, which I’ve mentioned previously; and from this book about Bouddha bowls. I always put the reference of the recipe on my notes, so that I can track it easily.
  • Alternate easy/ harder meals and plan according to your schedule. For instance when we go out and need to cook dinner for the children, I very often get ready meals or cook them pasta. When we all eat at different times due to after-school activities, I cook something that can be easily re-heated.  I only get ambitious with new complicated recipes when I have plenty of time in my hands.
  • Once you’re done, stick the meal plan on your fridge. It means everybody knows what on the menu and there won’t complain when it’s in their plate. It also means anybody in the family who is keen to cook can just go ahead.
  • It’s painful but it’s really worth it. Sometimes I just hate doing this meal planning thing, especially if I haven’t done any work before the Thursday and I have to make up a full meal plan on the spot. But then I know how much it’s going to help during the week and I just bear the pain…